Making All Voices Count Global Innovation Competition Frequently Asked Questions

If I finish top 50 am I automatically in the semi final?

No. Making All Voices Count reserves the right to assign wildcards, and only a total of 50 will make it to the second round semi-final review.

I submitted an idea/concept but it is not up for voting, why?

Ideas/concepts that were submitted but did not conform strictly to the Making All Voices Count criteria are ineligible for voting.

My idea/concept was visible but is no longer so, why?

Making All Voices Count reserves the right to withdraw any application deemed ineligible or not in line with the Making All Voices Count intent and purpose or that violates the terms and conditions of this competition at any time.

I didn’t make it to the semi final, but was really close, is this it?

Not necessarily. Making All Voices Count will ask the 50 applicants to supply more information for the semi final. If this information is deemed insufficient this applicant will be disqualified and a reserve contacted in their place.

Is it possible to submit an application for two countries? Say Kenya and Uganda?

In the drop down list, kindly pick the country that you deem most relevant. You could also mention elsewhere that your idea/concept is intended to be implemented in an additional country.

What is the maximum number of participants per group?

There are no limitations on numbers for participation.

Can I implement my idea in a local language for greater impact?

Yes, projects can be implemented in local languages.

Are spaces and punctuation marks included in the character count?

Yes, spaces and punctuation marks count.

Does the character limit count words?

No, it counts all characters, not word .

I’m part of a team. How do we register?

A nominated representative of the group may submit an idea on behalf of the team.

Who can take part?

The Global Innovation Competition is open to individuals and all types of organizations, including companies, civil society organisations, and government agencies from anywhere in the world. However, applicants must demonstrate convincingly how they will implement their idea or proven concept in a Making All Voices Count country.

Which are The Making All Voices Count countries?

Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

I have previously applied for a making all voices count grant. Can I also participate in the global innovation competition?

Yes, Making All Voices Count’s Global Innovation Competition is separate from Making All Voices Count’s other engagements. However if you have received a grant for that particular idea/concept through our other avenues you will not receive additional funding through the Global Innovation Competition, but be withdrawn. Only new idea/concepts can compete.

Can I submit more than one Idea/Concept?

Any contestant can submit as many applications as they wish, however only his/her submission with the highest number of votes will go through to the second round peer review.

When will the global innovation competition submission close?

October 4th, 2015 at 11:59 pm GMT is the last date for the submission of ideas.

When does the public voting and nomination start?

October 12th, 2015.

How will the winner be picked?

There are three rounds in the Global Innovation Competition. The first is an open round in which all eligible applicants can participate. A public online voting process will be used to select up to 30 applicants. In addition to applications received online, GIC 2016 semi-finalists will include nominations through in-country strategic partners such as tech hubs and/or invited members of the Making All Voices Count network. A total of 15 ideas will be nominated to the semi-finals. Semi finalists will therefore comprise 25 ideas selected through voting, 15 ideas selected through strategic partner nominations and 10 wild cards to make a total of 50 ideas

In the second round, the semi-finalists will be asked to submit additional information on their ideas onto the online platform. Once submitted, the ideas will undergo an initial review by the jury. From this initial jury review, 30 ideas will be selected for review by the Making All Voices Count staff. All finalists will be invited to the Global Innovation Week in Accra, Ghana for the final round of the competition where every successful contestant will receive funding to implement their proposed idea/concept.

While three rounds might sound like a lot, the competition has been carefully constructed to make sure that the workload is as little as possible for each applicant, and that every minute spent is worthwhile. The staggered model also ensure that only a limited amount of time is spent on the application.

How do the wildcards work?

To increase the chance that applicants with a great idea or concept who come from a less ICT-enabled community are represented, wildcard winners may be designated for the first round. Wildcards may be nominated by Making All Voices Count staff and/or strategic partners and decided upon by the GIC committee..

What is the Global Innovation Competition Committee and who’s on it?

The Global Innovation Competition Committee consists of Ushahidi, IDS, and Hivos representatives. The GIC Committee will screen applications to ensure that only eligible applications are accepted into round one. Additionally, the Committee can select well qualified applicants from the first round from less ICT-enabled communities for a spot in the second round as wildcards. The GIC Committee also monitors the integrity for the competition and reserves the right to disqualify any applicant not behaving properly.

What is the global innovation competition jury and who is on it?

The Global Innovation Competition Jury will consist of experts in the field. GIC finalists will receive expert mentoring from the Jury on site in Accra, Ghana. Finally, the Jury will select the Global Innovation Competition winners at the awards ceremony at the Global Innovation Gala.

What is the Global Innovation Gala?

The Global Innovation Competition concludes with the Global Innovation Gala to be held on 25th February 2016, during the Global Innovation Week. Here the grants to each applicant will be announced.

I am experiencing technical difficulties; May i submit my idea via email?

No, only ideas submitted to the platform before the deadline will be considered. We advise all the participants to submit their ideas well in advance to mitigate any issues that may arise in the submission process.

How long should implementing my project take?

The duration should be what you need but should not exceed 18 months.

In which language should my submission be?

We are currently accepting idea submissions in English

What is the 'Pitch visible to voters' field?

This is a summary of your idea/concept that will be viewed by the public. It should be clear and concise vecause many voters will be drawn to an idea by the pitch.

If I have more questions, how do I ask them?

Please consult the manual here and these FAQs carefully, if your questions still remain email us at All relevant questions and answers will be posted here.