Women Voices-ICT Choices

Choices for Women Voices in people's settlements is about Turning Bio sanitation facilities to be women-led information centers, that seeks to enable women informants (Voice champions) to promote good governance and citizen participation using ICT.


Which sub-theme question will you be answering and how? Refer to manual for the sub-theme questions:

How can we improve access to information on devolution so that we can increase citizen awareness and government responsiveness to citizens needs?

The project will pick 4 bio sanitation facilities in the slums of Nairobi where women will operate a menu of ICT choices (online mapping, mobile telephony, podcasts, community based FM radio stations, online portals) to coalate, and analyse Geo-referenced information in respect to the setting of priorities, county government budgeting and social audit

Describe the problem that your idea/project wants to address.:

The constitution delegates the responsibility of service delivery to the county government and outlines the need to have the marginalized communities and groups participate in county government decision making process. In the people’s settlements women, youth, children and people with disability are ignored in these processes and activities that prioritizes projects that need to address their individual problems like, sanitation, health, water and infrastructure

How does your idea/project engage local, regional or national governments as a means of increasing citizen engagement and/or government responsiveness?:

1. Through the e-government platforms women will be trained to interact, contribute and communicate issues emerging from the community.

2. The issues prioritized through the ICT centers will be presented to the ward development committees for resource allocation.

3. On legislative processes they will target the Members of County Assembly (MCA) to present views on policy processes.

4. The voice champions will also collect views of the public and petition MCAs on misuse of public resources.

How does your idea/concept engage with gender equality and/or the rights of disadvantaged groups?:

The project will enhance democracy and women participation through electronic connectivity to gather information on public service delivery, budgeting, planning and implementation of development projects in line with gender concerns. The women will also use their mobile phones to interrogate projects that don't meet gender balance thresholds as stipulated in the constitution. The ultimate goal is to ensure the marginalized groups are included as equal members spaces of leadership and governance.


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