Rural Road Community Monitoring Project (RR-CMP)

Idea tries to tackle issues of weak citizen monitoring in road construction by empowering community and strengthening accountability through training, information, feedback and dialogues while employing mobile and online portal technology


Which sub-theme question will you be answering and how? Refer to manual for the sub-theme questions:

Road construction is an attractive and money minting sector taken care by both MPAs/MNAs and district administration. The idea will implement community monitoring of completed and ongoing road construction in a Rs:150B KPRRP project while employing mobile and online portal technology. Community monitors duly trained on technical monitoring, RTI and social audit will monitor the selected constructed and ongoing roads in one of the districts of Southern Punjab.

Describe the problem that your idea/project wants to address.:

KPRRP is a three year Rs: 150B road project of Punjab government with Rs: 52B allocation for FY2015-16. In Punjab, procurement of contractors is regulated by PPRA rules and monitoring is done through bureaucrats and elected officials with least citizen engagement. Completed and ongoing schemes are riddled by lack of transparency and corruption. Capacitated community on road monitoring, enhanced transparency and engagement can improve accountability of resource rich infrastructure sector.

How does your idea/project engage local, regional or national governments as a means of increasing citizen engagement and/or government responsiveness?:

RRCMP encourages local and provincial government official engagement through community forums, dissemination workshops, mobile phones and online portal. Government responsiveness will improve owing to information provision, taking stern actions against non-complying contractors & officials, and participate in community forums. Local elected officials will also be invited in community gatherings and make access to online portal for bringing community engagement into road governance

How does your idea/concept engage with gender equality and/or the rights of disadvantaged groups?:

Women and youth will be trained in road monitoring, RTI and social audit. This is embedded that community monitors engage women in auditing of completed roads and train on use of RTI in seeking information on road contracts. Similarly, youth will be taken in role of community monitors as they are literate, educated and active lead the monitoring process.


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