Human Rights and Transitional Justice

Promoting pro-poor information access trough ICT

Rarely are the marginalized people able to come together with their government leaders to discuss and consult on issues of concern. The project will make this happen,ensuring that they monitor what their leaders are doing to promote accountability.


Which sub-theme question will you be answering and how? Refer to manual for the sub-theme questions:

1.How can we engage youth and marginalized populations in transitional justice and human rights issues addressing legacies of conflict through the use of technology?


2.How can technology be used to increase access to information within justice sector?

Describe the problem that your idea/project wants to address.:

Marginalized citizen and the youth face barriers in access to information and means to exercise their rights. The lack of “voice” of disadvantaged groups is a challenge at the core of pro-poor advocacy on ICT access. it compromises their ability to advocate for their own communication needs.Farmers are among the marginalized group who face human rights violations due to low levels of accountability in policy implementation as beneficiaries they lack ability to hold duty bearers accountable.

How does your idea/project engage local, regional or national governments as a means of increasing citizen engagement and/or government responsiveness?:

The federation has structures called consultative fora formed through representation of various groups elected by officials at the local level. The consultative fora enable farmers and government officials at various level to gather and develop common position on variety of issues affecting them from the ward level to the national level.The outcome of such consultations will then be shared to the beneficiaries through the SMS platform.

How does your idea/concept engage with gender equality and/or the rights of disadvantaged groups?:

Majority of the target group own and understand how to use a mobile phone which makes it easier to engage them through the platform.The project will use the SMS technology to enhance their access to information so that they are empowered to hold duty bearers responsible.


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