Human Rights and Transitional Justice

Innovating advocacy for truth and justice in Aceh

Transitional justice processes in Aceh are deadlocked, despite strong demands from victims. Elva and ACSTF will appeal to citizens within an innovative advocacy campaign, breaking the silence with a citizen’s appeal needed for tangible progress.


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Elva and the Acehnese Civil Society Task Force (ACSTF) will set up an innovative advocacy platform designed to give victims of past violence and human rights violations a greater voice to lobby for concrete actions on transitional justice. Truth, justice and reconciliation will be promoted through high-quality citizen polling and a series of video testimonials. Recognizing their growing role in (future) policy making processes, the project will have a particular emphasis on engaging youth.

Describe the problem that your idea/project wants to address.:

Originally foreseen Truth and Reconciliation Committees (TRC) have never materialized, despite strong demands by civil society, particularly victims and their families. This is partly due to prevailing societal taboos and misinformation within societal and political discourse. Previous campaigns by civil society focused on traditional forms of engagement of local policy makers, but have fallen short of galvanizing the broad societal support needed to enable concrete policy changes.

How does your idea/project engage local, regional or national governments as a means of increasing citizen engagement and/or government responsiveness?:

ACSTF works with a coalition of key CSOs, incl. Kontras, Human Rights NGO Coalition, ALA, Flower, RPUK and Paska. These already have excellent working relationships with victim communities. Government will also be involved at the local legislative and judicial level. As transitional justice is a pressing issue throughout Indonesia, the campaign will serve as an example to other communities. Hence, national government, in particular parliament, will also be engaged.

How does your idea/concept engage with gender equality and/or the rights of disadvantaged groups?:

This approach is aimed to engage every citizen, especially victims during conflicts in Aceh. Victims are very often women and disadvantaged groups of people. In traditional activities by ACSTF and its partners, women and disadvantaged groups already play a thoroughly important role. As such, they will continue to do so during this project.


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