CiVo-The Citizens' Voice

Platform allowing citizens to access amounts on revenue, budget & spending in their counties. They will also post grievances if services they have paid/entitled to have not been delivered. County officials will access, resolve & respond to the issues


Which sub-theme question will you be answering and how? Refer to manual for the sub-theme questions:

Project to be implemented will answer question on how access to information on devolution can be improved to increase citizen awareness& government responsiveness.Citizens will use a website to access data on budget &spending.County officials will be trained to access & resolve customer complaints.County heads e.g.governors will access statistics of best & worst performing departments &know how to demand for faster services.SMS reminders will be sent to citizens to attend budget planning forums.

Describe the problem that your idea/project wants to address.:

1. The devolvement from local authority to adoption of county governments in Kenya has a major fallback in allocation of revenue and spending. E.g. hospital curtains worth USD 74,000 in Meru County.

2. Citizens are not actively involved in decision making processes especially during budget planning. A majority of them do not know how much revenue their county has collected and spent.

3. Citizens do not have an avenue to air grievances when they pay for a service and it is not delivered to them.

How does your idea/project engage local, regional or national governments as a means of increasing citizen engagement and/or government responsiveness?:

1.Engaging counties e.g Kiambu to provide figures of collected revenue & spending then making the data public for citizens assessment.

2.Train county customer care representatives on using the platform & responding to complaints.

3.Train officials e.g. governor to assess statistics of speed of service delivery by departments.

4.Working with counties e,g Kiambu to access contacts collected using system @iLabAfrica has implemented & alerting citizens via SMS to attend forums e.g. budget planning.

How does your idea/concept engage with gender equality and/or the rights of disadvantaged groups?:

To ensure success of this project, we shall highly involve the community. Through the revenue collection system @iLabAfrica has implemented in Taita Taveta and Kiambu counties, we have a database of contacts of various self-help groups comprising of women and disadvantaged members from the community. Project champions will be selected and trained to sensitize their communities on using the various tools to air grievances and why they should take part in forums e.g. county budget preparation.


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